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Tech Saavy Volunteerism

on Wed, 10/03/2012 - 13:26

I'm blessed with a full time job solving analytics challenges for a large energy company. When I get home, my wife Melissa and I develop web communities. By definition, a web community is simply a website. The ones we build in particular are souped up thanks to our use of Drupal Gardens as a starting point. They generally are integrated with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. They generally have Google Analytics to monitor site visit patterns. With this starting point,  we've worked hard with our customers to understand what they want to accomplish with a web presence.

This first blog post marks the re-launch of As tech saavy volunteer, Melissa and I have built sites for,,,, These are all communities we care about. We believe they make a difference in the world. Those are the kind of sites and customers we are looking to attract.

We also have in-progress projects for communities we are heading up.

SolarInMyHome.Com - I'm starting a research blog looking at all the sorts of ways I can implement solar in my home. It will include all the math and measurements to tell where solar makes sense financially. I'll use this as an outlet to also blog about energy related electronics projects I might do using the Arduino open source hardware platform as a base.

ForeignTrainedDentists.Org - This has been a successful beacon organizing liscensed dentists, living legally in America, who can not practice dentistry in the United States because of restrictive policies that keep foreign trained dentists from practicing. Ever since Melissa, a foreign trained dentist herself, experienced the barriers to entry in practicing in the U.S., we have advocated and organized around this cause. This site needs an overhaul at the moment but has attracted hundreds of foreign trained dentists living or planning to live in the U.S.

AlyssaGGarcia.Com - Our eldest daughter, Alyssa, has become quite the performer. We've built her a site where she can show case her music and report on her upcoming 'gigs' playing covers and her original music at different venues.

Another project near and dear to our hearts is JoyAndCareGivingFoundation.Org. My mom started this organization and built a school, St. Anthony's Development and Learning Center. St. Anthony's started out as a 1 room school. Thanks to partnerships with rotary clubs, sister schools, and the University of North Florida, the school has grown to serve pre-school - 1st grade, The building has been expanded and also serves as a adult career learning center after school hours. This site is also in need of an overhaul.

As you can see, we are tech saavy. When we are not working on paid engagements, we have plenty of projects to keep us busy. To keep things going, I am always looking to take on apprentices who want to learn something about web development, social media, and analytics. Maybe you are coming to this blog and fit that category. If so, click on my mentorship form here.

Well, that's it for now. In the coming blogs, I will try to write up useful insights into the work Melissa and I are doing. My posts will range from generic topics like Community building to technical topics such as using Google Analytics and other social media channels to outlines of work I am doing on various projects. On twitter, I'll have more one-off comments and quick thoughts. I'm also planning out a Facebook page and content for our LinkedIn company profile.