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A Short History of Our Mentorship Program.

The Cognitive Metaphors Web Internship program started in 2006 with one student. In 2007, we took on 2 students. In 2009, we took on 5 students to continue to build out web communities that I am passionate about using the Drupal content management system. In 2011, we took on another 5 students to continue various Drupal based project work. Besides project work, interns were also exposed to talk on various topics by my industry friends like Joanna Pineda of My interns have ended up working for big name companies like Accenture, IBM, HP, and Canon.

In 2012, I employed an American marketing graduate from Villanova University to help me with several social media programs and also to relaunch

My overall motivation is to leverage my talents and eventually create opportunities for myself and family,  and fellow Catholic Filipinos, and Americans. My family roots are deep in the town of Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines. My grandfather, Emilio Garcia, once served as Mayor of Plaridel during the Japanese occupation in WWII, 1945. I am also bound to help aspiring computer scientists,mathematicians,engineers,and marketers in the U.S.. I was born in New York and this country has given me a wealth of opportunities.

Please click here if you are interested in pursuing apprenticeship in my web community development practice. If you are a passionate Filipino or American, willing to learn, I am ready to mentor you. Together, we can build great things!



Anthony and Melissa