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Cognitive Metaphors is a web community developer run by Anthony and Melissa Garcia. Anthony is a long time computer programmer and analyst. Melissa is a high school valedictorian/foreign trained dentist who got into web community development as a side effect of being married to Anthony. Together, the couple has passionately developed and evangelized within communities for Catholic school and church organizations, Philippine outreach organizations, Philippine computer science web internships, Foreign trained dentists, Special Olympics sports coaching, and Environmental and energy markets.

We have subject matter expertise in several areas including Drupal Gardens, grant writing, project management with Philippine IT resources, donation management, e-commerce and web analytics, business intelligence, data extraction,transformation,and loading (ETL), google checkout, google analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube/iMovie movie editing.

Let us work with you to:

  • Build a Drupal Gardens based site with the right content layout, web forms, site hosting, and theme look and feel.
  • Optionally install and configure CiviCrm, a donation management system or Drupal Commerce, an e-commerce platform for selling merchandise and collecting payments via PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • Advance your web community through integration with Google/Facebook/Twitter.
  • Train you to properly own and operate your site.
  • Set measurable goals for your site and measure success through Google Analytics reporting.
  • Optionally find overseas resources in the Philippines to fill any gaps in internal IT resources.

Contact us if you are a non-profit in the Philadelphia area with a staff looking to reach more volunteers and donors and community members through the web.

Work samples

Conshohocken Catholic is a catholic early childhood center website. Cognitive Metaphors developed and maintains the site.Integration has been done with, Facebook, Youtube, Picasa, and Google Analytics. We previously maintained the site for the elementary school which is now closed.

RSVP of Montgomery County is a reliable and dynamic source of rewarding volunteer opportunities for adults and as the premier supplier of adult volunteers to serve the community’s critical needs through RSVP’s Signature Programs and placements at area nonprofit organizations. Cognitive Metaphors is currently rebuilding RSVPMC's site using Drupal Gardens. It's more economical for RSVPMC's staff to edit and maintain their own site.

Saint Matthew Parish is a Catholic church in Conshohoken, PA. It uses Drupal Gardens, Youtube, and Google Calendar.

Philippine American Outreach Program uses Drupal Gardens and CiviCrm to relay the work and solicit donations for Philippine programs that benefit street children. Cognitive Metaphors provided web development (drupal gardens/ civicrm / google analytics/ facebook/ twitter / youtube and iMovie editing ) is a web community for the Conshohocken Environmental Advisory Council. It details work by the council and the community garden. Cognitive Metaphors provided grant writing and web development (drupal gardens/ google analytics/ facebook/ twitter) and content creation services.


AlyssaGGarcia.Com is a website we set up for our daughter, Alyssa. Alyssa has begun performing 'gigs' in coffee shops and other venues. She has also won an award for her song against bullying. We're so proud! The site features integration with Youtube. Plans are to add Facebook, Twitter, and Drupal Commerce integration to the site as well.